General Questions

We have given this some serious consideration. All of us at Hashtag Affairs are visual artists
who have abandoned a variety of occupations to pursue our passion for Indian weddings. We
adore the excitement, joy, and tales that can be found at weddings. We enjoy being a part of a
contented family, sharing in the finest day of two people's lives, and having the honour and duty
of sharing that narrative. We enjoy interacting with people, and we believe that photographing
weddings gives us the ideal chance to put our skills to use.

In 2014, at the height of the Indian wedding photography revival, we first began
photographing weddings. Since then, we have photographed dozens of love stories all
around the world, and we eagerly anticipate filming yours. We have photographed
practically every type of wedding there is, but the huge, fat Indian wedding never fails to
excite us.

Our headquarters are in New Delhi, India. We are happy to travel to your wedding, wherever it
may be, as we have photographed weddings all over the geography. We have easy access to
all of South Asia and the rest of the world because to our location in a significant metropolis.

Absolutely, yes! A wedding film, in our opinion, is just as important to your wedding memories as
images. To ensure that your memories are completely in sync with one another, we have a fully
in-house wedding cinematography production unit that collaborates smoothly with the
photography crew.
FYI - We like to take films very seriously, even if it means hiring Voice Over artists and Sound
Designers to make our every film a benchmark.

We are a completely internal team that includes photographers, filmmakers, editors, etc. Your
team will be under the direction of Ankit, Mohit or a Senior Director. Please get in touch with us
so that our Client Services Team can work with you to design a package that is most suited to
your individual wedding. We have flexible alternatives based on your wedding investment.

We appreciate your concern and think that is a fantastic question. Our workforce
is fluent in Bengali and can communicate in English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu.
Additionally, we have explored weddings in cultures that are not our own. We will
approach your wedding with a thorough awareness of all the rituals because
there is a multitude of material on the internet about many cultures and their
wedding traditions. Before our wedding, we often hold a pre-production meeting
and have our couples fill out a KYC (Know Your Couple) Form to better
understand their wants and desires. Above all, though, our work in this area has
helped us to comprehend how people feel. Even if we don't speak the language,
we do comprehend what matters to our clients.

Absolutely, we do! In fact, we strongly advise hiring simply us to photograph both the
bride's and the groom's families. Two teams working on the same project separately is a
complete waste of resources. We have enough resources on staff to be able to handle
every aspect of your wedding.

Most definitely. But we strongly advise hiring us for the full package.
Our coverage of weddings involves telling your story from a certain
angle, which is reflected in both our photography and films. Hiring two
teams may result in a collision of ideas and two distinct final products.

Definitely, yes! We'll collaborate closely with you to determine who
belongs in the "immediate circle." We ask the couple to provide a list
of names and images before the wedding, which is then given to the
team. We'll do everything we can to prevent leaving these people out.

No. We take between 10,000 and 15,000 photos at a typical two-day
wedding; if the ceremony is longer, we may take more. As a result, we
carefully review every shot and only choose the ones that best
represent your wedding and are technically sound. Due to the
sometimes unflattering facial expressions captured in photojournalistic
style images, we have a very high rejection rate. All other photos with
unflattering facial expressions, focus errors, or poor composition are
not chosen for delivery. We can guarantee you that we are quite the
experts (thanks to the years of processing millions of photographs).
You may be sure that we will send you all the best pictures so you
won't miss anything.

We don't normally do this, but if you really, really want them, please contact us and we'll be
pleased to figure out a way to send them to you.

Yes, we do much more than just take pictures during weddings. We are completely prepared to
handle any type of individual portrait, official family image, or product photography as a lifecycle
Via our sister company, Chitra Saga, we’ve worked on a variety of commercial assignments in
the past which include food, automobiles, FMCG Sector, interiors and more. Please visit our
website to see more of our work!

Quality, not quantity, is what we value. Usually, we need a basic crew of 7-9
persons, including the lead, for a mid-sized wedding (100–400 guests). Reducing
crew members will only serve to lower the quality of photos and video you
receive because there is a minimum number of crew members needed to deliver
the images and video we guarantee. Having said that, every wedding is unique,
therefore we would need to speak with you directly to determine the required

Apart from a specially crafted Artificial Intelligence Cloud platform, we deliver your photos and
videos in the Two Hardisks provided to us by you.
Usually we divide both of them in to photos and videos and that is the backup drives we use for
deliveries, apart from our three more personal drives per project that we work upon

Style and Approach

Our aesthetics are, modern, and unconventional. Our primary goal at the time was to
produce wedding narratives that were the contrast of the posed, templated, and
conventional forms that were then fashionable. Our initial assertion is still valid today,
and we always push ourselves to produce wedding photos and films that are both
"authentic" to the event and have a profound emotional impact on our couples.

Yes, each lead photographer has an own style that they have worked hard to acquire.
Our emphasis is always on teamwork, though, so when you put all the stories on our
website together, you'll see that they largely have the same tone and approach. We also
adore fun, happiness, joy, and everything in between.

Yes, every image you receive will be edited to reflect the idea we had for it. Our editing
technique is light-handed, and we typically use a colour scheme that we adore. Please
look through our website's portfolio to obtain a general concept of how we edit.

To ensure that you have the finest possible memories, we have a lengthy and comprehensive
list of the top equipment in the world. We support the idea that "it's not the camera, it's the
photographer," though. This indicates that as professional photographers and filmmakers, it is
our creativity and talent that results in wonderful photos and videos. However, the demands of
wedding narrative force us to rely on a variety of tools to produce the outcomes we adore.

Wedding Questions

We don't place a cap on how many photos we take during weddings (the wonders of digital
photography!). Because of the nature of our job, many images are rejected because of poor
facial expressions, poor lighting, distracting objects in the frame, etc. After a thorough analysis,
we immediately reject 60 to 70 percent of the material for one reason or another. The remaining
images are carefully chosen, colour corrected, sometimes juxtaposed to make a story, and then
marked for delivery. For a two-day wedding, we typically produce between 1500 and 2000
photographs, for a three-day wedding, between 1800 and 2200 images, and so on. This will be
more than enough for you to frame-by-frame recall your wedding.

We are aware of how chaotic and busy the day of your wedding might
be. However, after changing into your wedding attire, we advise that
you set aside an hour for your pictures. It's crucial that you take the
time to document your day because these are memories that you'll
have for the rest of your lives.

Within ten days of your wedding, we send you a brief collection of highlights so you can publicly
announce it, share it on social media, register it, and other things. After your wedding dates, the
remaining deliverables normally take 10 to 15 weeks.

We recognise how eager you are to view and share with your friends the photos from your
wedding. After your wedding, we typically deliver a small number of photos 8–10 days later!

Wedding Film Questions

The music in the film is a decision with collaboration between you and us. We will take into
account your musical preferences and suggestions for your wedding film. Our main goal,
however, is to make a film with music that will be relevant even decades from now. We strive for
'yaadon ki gullak' that will not look out of place years after your wedding day.

Without a doubt. We send you a preview of your final wedding film before delivering it or sharing
it on social media, in case you want any changes made. We will not complete the film until you
have given your final approval.

We typically allow for two rounds of revisions to the wedding trailer and film. We understand that
there is always room for changes and edits, and we want to make sure you're completely
satisfied with what you get - after all, it's your wedding! We encourage you to notify us of all
changes at once so that we can incorporate them in the first round - and park the second round
for any minor changes that may be required.

Pre-Wedding Questions

After your pre-wedding session, we usually offer a modest collection of 10 to 15 images. A little
over four weeks following your pre-wedding photography, you receive the complete set.

In a technical sense, you can do it whenever you want! But in reality,
you should organise your pre-wedding shoot at least 5–6 weeks
before your wedding. Any time beyond that, we won't be able to
deliver your pictures in time for your wedding. If you can't find a
convenient date before your wedding, we can still conduct a quick
session after the wedding!

Despite the fact that every pre-wedding session is unique, we regularly offer between 40 and 70
photographs from a single pre-wedding session, which typically lasts 6-7 hours

Album Questions

Yes! In fact, we necessitate that you have wedding albums. We believe in the power of print,
and no amount of digital technology can replace the allure of a wedding album. These family
heirlooms are an important part of the finished product. We have a wide range of wedding
albums available and are constantly adding to our collection. We have albums made in India as
well as albums made by hand in Spain.

No! We had already done all of the heavy lifting for you at this point. We'll know
who the important people in your family are after spending time at your wedding.
With our provided cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform, we believe that
selecting those 200-300 photos from the delivered edited photos will be a breeze.

It takes between 12 and 15 days for your album to be printed and delivered to
our studio after you approve it (around 30-45 days for Spanish albums). After
that, depending on your location, it should take less than a week to reach you.

We typically recommend albums with 30 spreads (60 pages) and 110-150 images from your
wedding festivities. If you need more pages, we recommend purchasing additional albums.

We create the master layout of your album on the first level using the images
you've chosen. It's a carefully curated story-album of your wedding's best and
most important moments.

We certainly do! We adore prints and are always excited to have our work
enlarged for a wall. In a variety of sizes, we offer contemporary, modern, and
high-quality Spanish frames. Please contact us for our most recent catalogue.

More Questions

Though it is ideal to meet our couples in person, we understand if this
is not possible. Yes, we'd love to meet your family and friends.
However, please ensure that it is someone who has a deep
understanding of who you are as individuals and as a couple, as well
as clarity on what your wedding will be like, so that we can better
understand you.

We prefer meeting with clients in our studio. It's the best way for them to see our
work and get to know one another. If that is not possible, we are happy to
arrange a consultation at a location of your choosing, or an online meeting.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation and presentation. We are excited to
meet you!

You have complete ownership of your wedding images for non-commercial use in addition to the
assignment. In other words, despite the legal terminology, you are free to do whatever you want
with your wedding images/films (like making more albums, taking prints, sending them out to
relatives, sharing them online and whatever). You are just prohibited from selling your wedding
photos and films, which we are confident you will not wish to do. As the photographer/filmmaker,
we shall be the exclusive owners of the "copyright," or the creative rights, of the images/films.

We may! If your wedding results in fantastic wedding photos (which we are confident it will! ), we
would love to share those images as examples of great work we've done on our personal
portfolio on our website and Instagram handle, so that other couples can be inspired by your

Yes, we keep multiple backups of your wedding data in our studio and provide a 12-month
guarantee on recovery. We strongly advise you to download a copy of the wedding photos and
videos and archive them on multiple cloud servers for long-term storage. We continue to keep
data backups after a year, but we cannot guarantee the safety of your data after that time.

Payment and Tax Questions

Yes. Any travel costs to the location of the pre-wedding shoot or wedding
is to be borne by the client, except in Delhi-NCR.

In short - no, we don't! Our basic assignment rates will stay the same and solely
apply to the days we will be filming. We are aware that we must be accessible to
shoot wherever and whenever it is required, and we anticipate that travel days
won't be billed. That's fine, however there will be an additional travel and housing
fee for out-of-station tasks, which will be based on actual costs or arranged by
the customer.

This is a typical and legitimate question. Here, there are two things:
● The first is that we will reserve our entire day for you, missing out on other
possible projects we could have photographed that day as a result.
● The second, and more significant, is that, in our experience, things
generally work out at Indian weddings. As Indian weddings are renowned
to not end without a song and dance, on your wedding day may (and most
likely will) involve shooting overtime! In the end, things do average out
because we won't be charging you extra if your wedding requires it.

We are fully aware of the high cost of weddings. You have a million expenses,
some of which are more difficult to pay for than others. Premium wedding
photography does have a cost, though, and we can't even begin to begin to
justify the effort it takes to produce the kind of images or films you see on this
page. In either case, don't hesitate to contact us. We might be less expensive
than you think.