Rahul & Arushi

The story of an awesome couple in love taking quarantine by storm

Every bride dreams of her big day long before it comes to fruition. These dreams rarely include tossing your original plans out of the window in the face of a global pandemic, only to improvise with an at-home ceremony organised in record time. But such is the reality of the times that we live in. And while this is a time of heightened uncertainty, it’s also a time of lucid clarity for some. One where you realise that ‘happily ever after’ is about more than just that extravagant wedding or designer trousseau. It’s about the joy of committing to love surrounded by those most important to you. This also sums up the story of Gurgaon-based newlyweds Rahul Madan and Arushi Dixit, who decided to go with at home Prewed before getting married.

Collaborators : @Oreoeffyhatchi @planwithnonya